The history of our logo


The AstroC-Hemistry Group is a proud team of Sardinian people. Our land is rich in history and culture, which dates back to around 2000 B.C. Nuragic prehistoric civilisation is unique, and archaeological findings testimonies a people rich in contacts and trade exchanges.
Nuragic period remnants can be found in the stone towers (nuraghe), made by square stone blocks composing an elliptical or conic trunk. Among the many objects which were attributed to Nuragic civilisation, we selected a bronze sculpture (a so called "bronzetto") of a warrior. The shield of this warrior mimes an astrophysical scenario, with a comet surrounded by a geometric layout which resembles a sort of orbits. Credit for this suggestive interpretation is due to a dear friend, Stefano Asili, a well known Sardinian designer.

If you feel that history of Sardinia deserves a deeper knowledge, a huge amount of information about Nuragics "on the web" is available. Below you can find a couple of hyperlinks, but they are really a minimal choice.